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The A.I.A. motion picture company, first established in New York City in 1958, makes movies in studio and on location from New York City to Los Angeles.

We do both, in-house motion picture productions, as well as provide a wide range of cine services to help other production companies, producers and creative clients create on-screen magic - from the soft and clean to the hard and grindhouse.

If you're looking for a production house that can help you make it happen, you've come to the right place. If you are trying to rescue a project that has lost its way, we may be able to help you finish a marketable product, even if you think all hope is lost. We work in both digital and celluloid acquisition formats.

James Arnett shepherds the creative and technical aspects of ambitious film projects from paper to the trillions of final image pixels and their corresponding vibrations of sound and music to achieve the mood, atmosphere and dynamic experience originally envisioned in the story.

The A.I.A. motion picture company and its network of talented Associates from many creative disciplines have an extraordinary reputation for completing ambitious film projects - no matter what the challenges because that is where the combined experience, creativity and inspiration get the opportunity to come shining though by delivering a marketable product with the magic that lights up the screen when the lights go down.

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James Arnett is a second generation filmmaker from New York City, an animator and writer who has done nearly every job in animation from New York City, New York to independent feature production in Los Angeles, California during the 1980's.

In 1991, James taught filmmaking and digital arts at LTU in Los Angeles, also developing the accredited curriculum and course materials for digital production until 2001. James is also the author of the "Guide Book For Guerrilla Filmmakers".

In 2001, James relocated the company to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, where he produced commercial feature film projects for foreign and domestic distribution.

In 2002, President Frank Ferreyra of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police called upon James to create the September Eleventh Law Enforcement Memorial film series, honoring the Federal, State and City Law Enforcement Officers lost in the World Trade Center attacks on 11 September 2001, which the White House commended directly to James after viewing the completed series.

In 2015, James got married for the first time to his first true love and returned home to the place where it all started, bringing everything professionally and personally full circle.

In 2016, the A.I.A. motion picture company now serves media clients in the Tri-State area, thirty minutes from New York City from the Jersey side of the River, where he writes and produces in-house feature projects.

James also provides directorial, cinematography, visual effects and complete post production services for a variety of creative clients.

His approach is Old School filmmaking but with New School execution to take full advantage of past, present and innovative new concepts.

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A.I.A. motion picture company
Established 1958 New York City
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